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Reading Unit Three

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Click on the book below to access our reading text book and activities.




Click here to listen to our reading stories



Unit Three


The Gardener


Practice your Vocabulary Words

Learn more about Sarah Stewart

Create your own letter

Practice Cause and Effect

Work on cause and effect with flippy

Enter the Reading Ring


Pushing Up the Sky


Click here to study your vocabulary words

Here is a great site to practice Author's Purpose

More Author's Purpose activities

Challenge Activities


Night Letters


Click here to study your vocabulary words

Create your own letter

Practice Making Predictions

Use inferences to play Guess Who

Challenge Activities

Practice compound words

Take a compound word quiz 1 or quiz 2


A Symphony of Whales


Click here to study your vocabulary words 

Challenge Activities

Click to learn more about whales




Click here to study your vocabulary words

Challenge Activities

Facts about Volcanoes

Click here to learn more about volcanoes

Use this scavenger hunt to review the story

Volcano World

Click to visit the Volcano Lab

Watch volcano slides and find website searches



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