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Reading Unit One

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Click on the book below to access our reading text book and activities.




Click here to listen to our reading stories



Unit One


Boom Town


Here is a link to practice your Boom Town vocabulary

Play Building a Sod House

Watch a clip about the Gold Rush

Learn about the Gold Rush

Practice your Fact or Fiction Skills

Join Tina for real and make believe stories

What are realistic story elements activity

More vocabulary practice



What About Me?


Here is a link I found that you can use to practice your vocabulary words.

Read a story and work on comprehension skills. 

Click here to practice making inferences.

Play Magic Key to practice using context clues.

Click this site to practice naming sentences.

 Click here for fun challenge activities! 


Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday


Click here to study your vocabulary words

Learn about the History of Money

Visit the United States Mint

Play Story Scramble to practice your sequencing

Test your comprehension skills here

More Sequencing practice from PBS Kids

Click here to practice making change


If You Made a Million


Click here to practice your vocabulary words

Read on to practice your context clues

Identify Realistic Story Elements

Practice using character traits

Practice vowel digraphs


My Rows and Piles of Coins


Click here to practice vocabulary 

 Learn more about Africa

Practice suffixes and prefixes

More suffix and prefix practice

Play Rags to Riches

Wonders of Africa

PBS Africa for Kids

Practice story elements

Click here to work on making inferences

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