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Wings Challenge Activities

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Challenge Activities- Wings

Day 1:

What are some synonyms of the word unique?  What are some antonyms?  Do These words generally describe uniqueness in a positive or a negative way?

  1. Make a list of three synonyms for unique, such as unusual, remarkable, different,   

interesting, strange.

  1. Make a list of three antonyms, such as normal, average, dull, boring.
  2. Think about and discuss with a classmate how the words portray uniqueness in

either a positive or negative way.      

Day 2:

We are all unique in some way.  How can interviewing classmates uncover their uniqueness?

  1. List five questions to ask to ask in an interview that would focus on someone’s uniqueness, special talents and interests, and outlook on life.
  2. Choose one student to write a brief biography on.

Day 3:

What kind of activities, jobs, or careers do you think are unique?  What makes them unique?

  1. Complete a three-column chart that lists five unique activities/jobs/careers.
  2. Search unique careers to get information. Use the following site:


  1. Choose the one you think is most unique and tell why.

Day 4:

How can studying biographies and autobiographies help you or someone else be a better writer?

      1.  Compare two biographies or autobiographies and write four questions you would  

            like to ask the author.

http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/contributor.jsp?id=3506- Patricia Polacco biography

http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/contributor.jsp?id=1310 – Judy Blume biography

  1. Your questions should focus on three categories: the author’s reasons for writing

this biography/autobiography, the author’s writing style and choice of facts, and

questions the author didn’t ask.

Day 5:

How do people with physical challenges or limitations adapt to their environments?

  1. Research how people use glasses, hearing aids, prostheses, and other devices.

to help them with physical challenges or limitations.

  1. Imagine that you are an inventor and describe an invention that would help

certain people with disabilities or challenges.

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