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Penguin Chick Challenge Activities

Page history last edited by Tessa Samuelsen 10 years, 9 months ago

Challenge Activities- Penguin Chick

Day 1:

What is the root word of adaptation?

  1. Make a list of synonyms for adapt.  Use a dictionary and thesaurus to help you.

  1.  Find a sentence in which adapt is used.  If you can’t find one, create one on your own.  Substitute each synonym for adapt and decide which, if any, words could be used in its place.

Use the following website to read more about behavioral and physical adaptations:


Day 2:

How have animals adapted to survive in their environment?

  1. Choose an animal not discussed in the section and list the physical and behavior adaptations of the animal.  Use the following website to find information:


  1. Draw a picture of the animal and label each physical adaptation.

Day 3:

How do you know Betty Tatham, the author, has done a lot of research for the selection?  What kind of background in information do you think the author has?

1.  Write 3 examples of information in the selection that required research.

  1. Write an imaginary biography of the author.  Include the author’s education, careers, and interests.  Use the following website for an example of an author biography: 


Day 4:

How did people long ago explain physical features of animals?

  1. Go to the following website and read one of the example pourquoi tales that explains a physical characteristic of an animal.


    • How the Bird Got His Color
    • Why the Possum's Tail is Bare
    • Why Rabbit Has a Short Tail

  1. Write a summary (a brief explanation) explaining the animal’s physical characteristic.

Day 5:

How have you adapted to a challenging situation in your life?

1.  Recall a situation you have encountered where you have needed to adapt, such as going to a new school or having your best friend move away.  List behavioral changes you made that helped you adapt.


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