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Challenge Reading Activities

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Challenge Activities- My Rows and Piles of Coins

Day 1:

What kinds of currencies are used around the world?

  1. Choose 5 countries and research the kind of currency in each country.  Search the following site to get information.


  1. Make a chart to show your information:

Day 2:

What are the ingredients in your favorite food?  Where did those ingredients come from originally?

  1. Research where basic ingredients, such as flour, sugar, and milk come from. 

      Go to:   www.google.com

      In the search bar, type:  where does (your ingredient) come from

For example:  If you’re searching for where flour comes from, in the search bar you would type:  where does flour come from

  1. If you have time, draw pictures and make labels to describe the steps food goes through from the fields to the final product.

Day 3:

How do illustrations and photographs help you understand what an author is tying to say about a different country or culture?

  1. Search the following site to find examples of how drawings, illustrations or photographs help you to understand a different culture. 


2.  Write a short paragraph of at least 5 sentences explaining what you have learned.

Day 4:

How does an author’s use of humor affect the way you think about a subject?

  1. Look back at the stories we have read in this unit.  Choose 1 fiction and 1 nonfiction selection, where the author uses humor.  Write six questions you would like to ask each author.  Questions should focus on the following:
    • the author’s reason for writing about this subject
    • the author’s presentation of facts and details
    • the author’s use of humor

  1. Tell how the use of humor in each selection affected your thinking about the subject.

Day 5:

Why do you think this unit is called “Dollars and Sense?” not “Dollars and Cents?”

1.  Write a paragraph about the importance of knowing the value of money and knowing that money isn’t everything.  Give reasons and examples.


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